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Vlado Hoblaj


My name is Vlado Hoblaj. I am Croatian, a missionary to my own country. I was born during the age of Communism, but God gave me the parents who never agreed with the atheism and worked hard in their small private business to secure a better future for their children. For me, though, I deeply felt that life must have been much more than just material security. I even thought it was not fair for my parents to give me life without ever asking me if I want one. Of course, that was impossible and my words as well as my depression made them only sad.

Searching for that “unknown more” I tried to find it in music and eventually became rather successful playing with my band across Europe. In those days I was impressed and inspired by the music stars who chose to die young, so I was also, even very seriously, planning my own dead around 28. However, the closer I got to that age, God seems to be more often knocking on my heart. I was especially moved by reading the book of Ecclesiastes. It was like finding a new friend who agreed with me that life was meaningless. It just happened that this new Friend was God Himself! And, probably by His amazing plan He saved me right when I turned 28. Strangely enough, I did die as I planned, but not in suicide. I died to my old life and was born to the new one, so much better • eternal life with Jesus!

Apparently, God used my depression to help me find the answers that only He could give. The excitement with Jesus led me very early to plant the church in my own hometown, to found the Christian counseling organization Hope for Life, the Christian theater ministry Cornerstone Arts Croatia, as well as several other exciting means to promote His Kingdom. But the most exciting ministry the Lord gave me was my own family. My original frustration of being born without having the chance to choose made me very early think on adoption as the only way I wanted to become the father. And eventually the Lord did entrust to my wife Marina and me five beautiful kids – Barbara, Nana, Nenad, Nicolina and Elizabeth, and lately another four foster kids – David, Igor, Emma and Ines. With Elvis, the nephew who lived in our home for 20 years, it would be 10 altogether. Though most of them came with special need, the favor of the Lord has been miraculously present in their growing.

Meanwhile, the Lord used the world recession to allow my family business to collapse in Spring 2009. This brought me and my family to a season of life that is particularly challenging. I feel tremendous privilege to be completely free for the ministry I love so much, but we are still learning the deeper way of depending on Him for our family’s needs.

As He has been faithful so far, we continue to trust Him. We kindly ask for your precious prayer and any other financial ministry support.