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Laurie Turner


Before discovering God’s grace, I lived mostly out of my head, trying to do the right thing, trying to be acceptable, trying to put on the right behavior. But it never answered the questions of my heart about why I felt so miserable about myself and so distant from God. When I began to discover His grace and acceptance, it was life-changing. It empowered me to allow Him into some of the places in my heart that had been locked away from everyone, including myself. I tried to find identity through what I did. As a result, I returned from South America a hurting, burned-out missionary, wondering who I would be apart from ministry. That led me on a journey of discovering my identity in Christ and finding that His acceptance of me is not based on what I do or how well I perform but on what He has done for me and who He now is in me. Now I continue to discover that what I do does not make me someone. What I do is an expression of who He is, how He has made me, and of His life in me. And that’s a lot more fun than the other way around!


My role at GMI is liaison – South America working internationally and locally with an emphasis on Latin America. I teach and disciple Brazilians and Hispanics living locally. I am here to carry the message and ministry into Latin America, and at the present I am working to help train pastors, leaders, and missionaries in Colombia, South America. I periodically travel to Brazil to teach and disciple in that country. My aim is to eventually move to South America to establish Exchanged Life ministries there.