Photo of Jace Caulder

Jace Caulder

Discipleship Counselor


My Encounter with Grace:

I had been a Christian for 29 years and never knew what it was to really “know God” as He intended until I met Roger Stark, a pastor in Jacksonville, FL in 2012.

After accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1983, I served faithfully as a layman for many years before answering a call to ministry and going to Bible College in 1993. I earned my BS in Church Ministries in May of 2000 and served as an associate pastor for over 11 years before “hitting the wall”. I felt empty and dissatisfied; and I did not want to live in my “roller coaster religion” any longer. I resigned my position with nowhere to go but to my knees.

That’s when Jesus showed me the true meaning of His Grace! I was brought into something that I never experienced before and my heart craved for more! Now I know who I am in Christ; a son of God, unconditionally loved, forgiven completely, and accepted just as I am. I am a new creation IN Jesus. He speaks to me, He leads me, He comforts me; He is LIFE! My Life. It is my passion to bring this message of Life in Christ to all who will hear.