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E. S.

International counselor and coaching


Becoming a follower of Jesus changed Eliza’s life dramatically.

She says, “My first experience of brokenness introduced me to the exchanged life and to being re-parented by my heavenly Father.  This gave me a full, new life—a beautiful spiritual path, forming the foundation of an intimate relationship with Jesus.  The Holy Spirit has transformed me from being a member of a dysfunctional family, with false believes about myself, into a new creation with a new identity.  I am pleased that I am now able to walk alongside people and experience that Heaven on earth is real.”

She is an in-depth learner and is quick to apply and grow from what she learns in her walk with Christ.  Now, she is sharing with others what she has learned and treasures.  Eliza has a big smile as she tells people that she is “blessed to be a blessing.”

A trainer and facilitator in both English and Chinese, she is also a Life Coach and provides group counseling.  She currently facilitates a discipleship and counseling group and leads a divorce care group.

Outside the U.S. she will facilitate “Immersion Experience” in various overseas locations, offering counseling and life coaching. While this is a program for church leaders, pastors and missionary families, Eliza will also serve teachers of orphans and helpers of the homeless. And she will teach, encourage, mentor and facilitate in both English and Chinese.

Grace Ministries International staff raise funds to cover the cost of their ministry. Most associates are supported workers, which means that they also raise funds for a salary.

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