Photo of Scott Brittin

Scott Brittin

President – Conference Leader – Discipleship Counselor


Saved at eleven years old, I dedicated my life to serve God at nineteen years of age. Attending Bible college and receiving a Masters degree from seminary prepared me for that service, but not for life.–more–

Photo of Jace Caulder

Jace Caulder

Discipleship Counselor

My Encounter with Grace:

I had been a Christian for 29 years and never knew what it was to really “know God” as He intended until I met Roger Stark, a pastor in Jacksonville, FL in 2012.–more–

Photo of Curt Chandler

Curt Chandler

Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

Saved at 8 years old I did not begin to walk with Jesus until 1998 after attending a 3-day renewal weekend. I learned about grace then and it transformed me, but I continued to work hard at achieving acceptance and worth by being successful at business or a “good” Christian.–more–

Vlado Hoblaj

Photo of Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley

Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

I was raised in church and became a believer when I was nine years old. However, I was in my thirties before I started seeking out God for myself. Circumstances in my marriage and family had brought me to this point.–more–

Peter & Anelia Kerchevi

True Life Foundation has a vision to bring the truths of the Exchanged Life to Bulgaria with a specific strategy of working with church leaders.

Erno Kerekes

Photo of Hannah Kimbrough

Hannah Kimbrough

Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

I love connecting with others and seeing God at work in this world. While I have always had a heart for missions and ministry, I have not always understood the difference between striving and rest.–more–

Photo of Gary Layne

Gary Layne

Director of Administration – Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

Gary has 25 years’ experience of teaching the Bible. He has been on two church staffs serving as the education pastor. In the past he has also been the marketing vice president of several businesses.–more–

Photo of Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

Director of Counseling – Discipleship Counselor – Conference/Retreat Speaker

Michelle is passionate about sharing her journey from a striving perfectionist to resting in her identity in Christ. Her tumultuous journey through pregnancy loss, infertility, and divorce became the stepping stones to experience the profound love of God in the midst of heartache and loss.–more–

Photo of Pam O’Gwin

Pam O’Gwin

Director of Training – Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

I was raised in a Christian home and became a believer when I was 8 years old. I always went to church and I knew the Bible stories and all of the hymns.–more–

Photo of Pamela Pernell

Pamela Pernell

Discipleship Counselor

I was born and raised with my three brothers in North Carolina in a Christian family.  The church was the center of our religious training and social life.  I became a Christian at the age of 7.  –more–

E. S.

International counselor and coaching

Becoming a follower of Jesus changed Eliza’s life dramatically.

She says, “My first experience of brokenness introduced me to the exchanged life and to being re-parented by my heavenly Father.  This gave me a full, new life—a beautiful spiritual path, forming the foundation of an intimate relationship with Jesus.  –more–

Val Smith

Photo of Charles Spoelstra

Charles Spoelstra

Discipleship Counselor – Conference Speaker

Saved as a child, I didn’t discover what it means to be saved by His Life until I came to GMI and learned about my Identity in Christ. Since then I’ve been on an amazing journey of discovering intimacy with Jesus, finding out just how creative, caring and kind He really is.–more–

Photo of Laurie Turner

Laurie Turner

Before discovering God’s grace, I lived mostly out of my head, trying to do the right thing, trying to be acceptable, trying to put on the right behavior. But it never answered the questions of my heart about why I felt so miserable about myself and so distant from God.–more–

Veronica Voloshyna

Photo of Ron Ward

Ron Ward

Discipleship Counselor

I was trained in biblical studies and completed seminary in 1986.  I have nearly 20 of experience in ministry, serving as missionary to Mexico, Jamaica and Colombia, South America.  It was Colombia where I met and married my beautiful wife before returning to the States. –more–

Photo of Anita Zarfl

Anita Zarfl

Anita Zarfl was born in Varazdin, Croatia.

Before she became a Christian, she was a successful business woman.  She has passion for helping hurting women and has dedicated her life to minister and teach.  –more–

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