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...Video Testimony

The Liberator [God] has transformed my life through The Encounter.  Describing what has happened over the past few months is somewhat difficult because it is quite indescribable. He has given me Truth to rest on. It’s difficult to pinpoint how and when the changes occurred.  It has been a glorious unfolding filled with joy and pain, light and dark, hope and despair, but an overarching theme has been a journey to freedom.  When thinking of how to describe what has happened, the word I could come up with was “liberation.”  The Liberator is at work, all the time.  Everything in life has meaning.  Although my brain cannot fully comprehend what has transpired, I can say that I have been liberated, I am in awe, and I owe everything to my personal loving Heavenly Father, the Liberator. All credit goes to my God, my Liberator.

...Encounter Graduate

When I came to GMI in January 2014 I could barely see my way. I came crawling, broken, insecure, unloved, unacceptable, unworthy, and just not good enough but something happened in my life! I found a place where I could be me, no masking, pretending, trying to impress, just me; and for the next 9 months medication was applied to those infected areas of my life through God’s Word: the Concept of God, Surrender Acceptance, Forgiveness, Law & Grace, Guilt/Shame, Identification/Security, Marriage, Intimacy with God, Healthy Sexuality, Brokenness/Suffering, Growing Free and Co-Dependency.

Though this Encounter, I was able to be real and truthful about what I thought about God. I was able to bring my hurts and fears to the light so I could be healed. I learned to ask “Papa” to show me who He really is in my life and to embrace His truth and His love.

...Encounter Graduate