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Grace Ministries Family,

I am excited to be announcing some new opportunities to potentially partner with Grace Ministries International.

For over 30 years we have seen lives transformed, marriages healed, churches blessed and the message of Christ as LIFE travel around the world.  If you have gone through any of our counseling or training you will remember how life transforming it was for you. We have trained leaders and helped develop approximately 30 ministries around the Atlanta area alone, including First Baptist Atlanta’s counseling center and North Point Church’s Hope Ministry. We’ve planted ministries in Washington DC, Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, and Jacksonville FL and trained countless others around the nation.  In addition, each year we give away approximately $100,000 in counseling fees to people who are hurting, but not able to afford to pay for counseling.

During that time, each of the Grace Ministries staff members have basically functioned as domestic and foreign missionaries.  What that means is that in addition to doing the work to accomplish the above mentioned achievements they have also raised their own funding to pay for all the living expenses for themselves and their families.  This will not change going forward, so if you are supporting a staff member now, please know we and they rely on your support and are very appreciative.

But, as a ministry, we also need to raise general funding to keep the ministry healthy and vital.  We have the basic expenses of running any business which includes our international outreach, building association fees, maintenance, utilities, computers, presentation equipment, brochures, supplies, administrative personnel, etc.  It is with these needs in mind that we have expanded our President’s Team offerings not only to help fund these basic costs of keeping our doors open, but to also meet the needs of our potential partners.  We are not just asking for you to partner with us.  We want to support you as well.  Therefore, we have three different offerings.

President’s Team – Bronze:  For a partnership pledge of $100 a month for one year, or a one-time gift of $1200, a partner will be able to sponsor up to 2 guests free of charge to any conference that Grace Ministries offers.  This is a great way to introduce or affirm your friends and family with the life-changing message of the Gospel of Grace.

President’s Team – Silver:   For a partnership pledge of $250 per month for one year, or a one-time gift of $3000 to Grace Ministries, the partner or whomever the partner designates, will be able to attend the 10 month discipleship program called the Encounter.   The Encounter program helps to provide space in our schedules and hearts to be taught and affirmed in the life-changing truth of who we are in Christ.  Current cost is $2100.   In addition, the Silver partner would also have all the privileges of the Bronze President’s Team.

President’s Team – Gold:  For a partnership pledge of $500 per month for one year, or a one-time gift of $6000, the partner or whomever the partner designates, would be able to participate in one of the offerings that Grace Ministries does best, which is personal mentoring.   Mentoring is such a well-accepted and valued resource for living a fulfilled life.   It is consistent with Proverbs 15:22 which supports success by having many advisors.  In addition, the Gold partner would also have all the privileges of the President’s Team Bronze and Silver.

I believe the President’s  Team will allow us to progress to a higher level of ministry as we pursue our mission of transforming the world through Christ formed believers. Please seek God to see if you are called to partner with us as a member of the President’s Team.  As you can see, we do need you.  You do make a difference.  And we want you to know that.
I am honored to have you consider this opportunity to participate with us in serving the nations.

Participating together with God,
Scott Brittin and the Grace Ministries Staff

“The Harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.” Mat. 9:37


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