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Thoughts from a Sleepless Man

by Gary Layne

It’s interesting to be the caregiver to someone with cancer. My wife has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to her bones. Chemo and radiation and some surgery halted the progression for about 9 months but now it is back and more chemo did not slow or stop it from growing. As a man […]

Missing Socks and Runny Noses – Part One

by Gary Layne

I walked up the stairs from the garage into the living room after a day of counseling. I had forgotten our two and a half year old grandson was staying overnight. He was playing with his favorite toy, a train, in the living room when I topped the stairs. “Pop” was all he squealed as […]

Chasing the setting Sun

by Gary Layne

As I look out a window of Detroit’s Wayne airport, the sun slowly descends into the west. While not visible due to the clouds overhead, you can see the darkness enveloping the aircraft outside. I board my flight for Shanghai, China and find my seat next to the window. Soon we are airborne above the […]

Perfect Butterflies

by Gary Layne

I was just returning from a Men’s Group Hot Dog Club and this butterfly was sitting on the bushes. Well I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a shot. I was hit by the beauty and delicacy and the detail of this creation. Then my mind went to Romans 12:1-2 where Paul wrote “do not be conformed to this […]