Equipping members of the body of Christ to experience and communicate the indwelling, empowering presence of Christ as Life.


Promoting the indwelling, empowering presence of Christ as Life through biblical instruction both nationally and internationally through individual and organizational discipleship:

  • Restoration – Providing an environment for recovering hope and
  • Spiritual Formation – Nurturing spiritual growth
  • Training – Equipping the disciple to equip other


The Centrality of the Cross:

This is GMI’s foundational value, encompassing the believer’s co-crucifixion, burial, resurrection, ascension and seating with Christ. This creates a new identity of righteousness and provides a source of power as one appropriates the Life of Christ for daily living. Ref. Gal 2:20 ,Rom. 5:10 ,17,6:4-6, Col. 3:3-4.


The indwelling, empowering presence of God enabling a person to become and accomplish all that God desires. Ref. I Cor.15:10, II Cor.12:9, Phil. 2:13.

Secure Environment:

Providing a safe place of respect and acceptance where one can be vulnerable and free to discover and experience Christ’s rest. Ref. Is. 42:3, Matt. 11:25-30 (The Message), II Cor.1:3-5.


Investing in believers, training them to disciple others within their unique spheres of influence. Ref. Mat. 28:19-20, II Tim. 1:13-14, 2:2, Acts 1:8b.